sabato 14 giugno 2008

Pizza San Gennaro and Jupiler: at Arnone's & Sons

The best pizza in town is made by Mr. Arnone who recently decided to open a pizzeria just in front of his Italian grocery in Chausée de Waterloo, 70 in Saint-Gilles. Having tried before several pizzas in Brussels, I can definitely suggest to try the San Gennaro at the “Fratelli Arnone”. From the menu you can choose from a wide variety of pizzas that you can’t even find in Italy and experience also the proverbial Italian hospitality which is more and more difficult to find in Italy nowadays.
Be aware that Arnone & Sons is not exactly that kind of posh and trendy places a tourist would imagine to get into in the capital of Europe. It looks more like a real pizzeria you could find in the outskirt of whatever city in the South of Italy: red and white checked tablecloths, a sailing ship entirely made with toothpick on a shelf, a cowbell hanging from it, Coca-cola advertising posters from the eighties all over the place, a luminous image of San Gennaro near by the cash desk and Mr Arnone making pizza while chatting with clients in a funny French-italian language coloured by a strong Sicilian accent. The pizza is the biggest one I have eaten ever since I live Brussels. All ingredients are fresh and tasty and the pizza dough is crisp and light.It’s the right place to go with a bunch of friend to have a good dinner feeling like being at home.
(Delivery service offered for free within the Saint-Gilles area)
F.lli Arnone

Chussée de Waterloo, 270, Saint-Gilles
Tel. 02 537 92 70

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Anonimo ha detto...

Is it really better than San Giacommo, in Chaussée de Wavre?

izzi ha detto...

Never tasted that one. I will try and let you know. But you can do the same: taste Arnone's and let me know!